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A TV reality show concept


Nilki Benitez

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ALLSTARZ! will present kids who are making a difference in their communities and societies by working hands-on with charities and even creating their own charity organizations. 


ALLSTARZ! will present three youngsters per episode and feature their work.  As a reward for their philanthropy, a celebrity who is involved in a similar form of charity will surprise the featured youth at school or other event and congratulate them on their nomination as an Allstar.  They will also offer their endorsement to the featured child’s organization or work.  At the end of the show, viewers will have a specific amount of time to nominate one of the three featured youth to become a semi-finalist.  After ten episodes, ten semi-finalists will have been selected.  The eleventh episode will feature these ten semifinalists participating in an obstacle course that will teach them team-building and leadership skills.  They will share their insights with the viewers.  At the end of this segment, all featured youths from the season will join the semifinalists and ask them questions.  The youth who were not selected as finalists will vote for one finalist who will be announced “Survivor”-like at the end of this episode.  Home viewers will then have the opportunity to vote for one more finalist.

The season finale will feature the two finalists as they prepare for a makeover and a star-studded event.


ALLSTARZ! is targeted towards youth between the ages of six and eighteen.  At a time of dwindling role models, ALLSTARZ! will introduce this general population to their peers who are accomplishing noble work and to celebrities who are going beyond their status-symbol life and working to create a better world.  American and International youth will be exposed to the hard-work and dedication of their peers who work in philanthropy, and come to see community service as fun, cool and hip.


The host/hostess of ALLSTARZ! will be a young icon who is admired by both girls and boys in the target age group (6 to 18) and who is involved in charity work.  The host/hostess position could also rotate between different young stars. 





(The featured youth and celebrities are examples only and are in no way associated with this project as of yet)



·      Introduction:

Twelve-year-old S.W. of Tampa, Florida, U.S. is fighting to save the Arctic wilderness by recruiting her peers to educate automobile drivers to keep their tires inflated properly to conserve fuel.  This part shows Savannah at home, with pets, girlfriends, playing sports, hobbies-basically the regular 12-year-old girl next door that all kids can relate with.

Thirteen year old D.L. of Saco, Maine, visits schools and speaks to K-5 about bully prevention and helps children understand what they can do if they are bullied.  Footage of Drew with friends, sports, hobbies.

·      Activism:

SW discusses how she became interested in the subject, what made her decide to follow through and create the program, what challenges she faces, what successes she has been rewarded.  Finally, she gives a bit of advice to her peers.

DL discusses his experiences of being bullied and how he became involved in the organization Crossroads Youth Center, what challenges he faces and what successes he has been rewarded through his work.  Finally he gives some statistics and advice to peers.

·      Reward:

For the surprise, SW is visited at her school by Mariah Carey who works with the Fresh Air Fund. In an all-school assembly, Mariah presents SW with the ALLSTARZ! award (monetary funds to charity, college fund) and informs Savannah that she will be endorsing Savannah’s project PUMP ‘EM UP (

For the surprise, DL is visited at school by David Beckham, who, in 2005 gave out the millionth blue wristband in the U.K.’s anti-bullying campaign.  In an all-school assembly, Beckham presents Drew with the ALLSTARZ! award and informs Drew that he will be endorsing his project CROSS ROADS YOUTH CENTER (

At the end of the episode, the viewing audience will pick one of the featured youths to go on as a semifinalist.

EPISODE #11 – Leadership Building

After featuring the progress of their work, the ten semi-finalists attend a leadership/team-building camp where they learn about working together by helping each other through an obstacle course.  This is a fun episode, lots of laughs and camaraderie and at the end of the day, youths featured throughout the season join the semifinalists around a bonfire and while roasting marshmallows, they ask questions of the semi-finalists.  Then in “Survivor” style, they vote for one finalist.  The finalist is revealed immediately and the viewing audience then gets to vote for one other finalist.

EPISODE #12 – The Finale

In the finale, the two finalist are treated to an age-appropriate luxury (ex. a senior in high school might get a makeover and tips on how to dress professionally, a youngster might get a day in an amusement park) the finalists will then attend a star-studded event.



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·      Doritos’ Do Something campaign:

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