Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Secrets of THE INDUSTRY Part I

So, the adventure begins!  For the following five weeks I will be immersed in my quest to uncover the Secrets of The Industry for baby writers. 
Are you a baby writer?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a writer or actually follow through with your dream of being a writer?  Do you yearn to see the movies that run through your head projected upon the Great Silver Screen??
I am, and I have.  So come along with me on this summer-long adventure where I will be interviewing people in the Biz, tracking down the best and most current information on crucial topics for the beginning scribe, and giving you an authentic feel for what we need to do to commence on this fantastic journey.  
If you have questions or comments please post them.  I may be able to get them answered for you!!  I will certainly try.  Together, we will find out what it takes to break in to the world of the TV/Feature writer.
I've been passively gathering information for the last several years, but now I am jumping in with both feet!  Some of the information I will post will stem from this collective knowledge that I have aquired, some will come directly from a source's mouth (or fingers).
I can't wait to get started and start sharing with you everything I learn!
Now's the time to inhale love, exhale fear...and go for it!!!   

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