Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rejection--Phillies style

So I've just kicked the anti-tech habit and I've been spending hours upon hours within the twitter vortex--it's so much worse than facebook.  In fact, I've neglected facebook for months...sorry friends I'm in a bit of a selfish mode and enjoying the ability to pick who i actually want to hear from.  Plus, there's always a lot going on at Twitter...anyway, back to the subject of my title for this blog.  Last night, after my critique group I found myself once again wrapped up in my newly found parallel world of twitter/blogging.  But like a fairytale princess, the bewitching hour was approaching and honestly, i just can't hang with the before-school-the-bus-is-coming-where-are-your-shoes routine if I don't get enough sleep time.  SO, I pull myself out of the vortex and decide to check my work email before shut-down.  Bad idea.
An email from the Philadelphia Phillies which started with the promising subject heading "Phillies appearance request for Philadelphia Youth" ended with a body stating "we have decided to pass on this project.  Good luck."
Wow.  Devastation.  I'm not exactly sure what didn't interest the Phillies community relations department about Allstarz!  a program designed to give words of encouragement to kids who are actively engaged in their communities.  But, hey.  I guess it's collateral damage and at this stage of my budding writing/directing career I know I should expect a fair amount of rejection.  And with that in mind, I'm sure down the road I will be thankful to the Phillies for having helped me grow that thick skin needed to survive in this industry.  Then again, I may choose to never forgive them.  Right...inhale love, exhale fear/anger/rejection/anger.  I think I'd better not skip yoga today.  Yes, and meditation in the hot, hot sauna..


  1. Nilki,
    As someone who waited nearly three years before getting a book deal, I fully understand your feelings. Even authors who have multiple titles still eat humble pie on a regular basis. Hang in there. Every no brings you closer to a yes.
    Raul Ramos y Sanchez

  2. Update!! Phillies reconsider!! Ask to try them again during the offseason!! one step closer to a yes!


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