Thursday, March 5, 2009

scary and comforting

I just got a call from my best friend.  We've know each other through many years starting in our teens and so undoubtedly, we've been through ALOT together.  She has always stuck with me and I with her.  When I saw her name on the caller ID, I walked with the phone and stood in front of my south facing window which is my source of comfort throughout the NorthEastern winter that leaves my dark skin and even darker irises yearning for light and warmth.  My friend's sweet voice on the line, the extra light from a bright, sunny day reflecting off a foot of snow.  Twiggy the Chihuahua curled up on the sofa--happiness...until she told me of a harrowing night that she lived through with her newly wed hubby six months ago--six months ago!! and she could just barely now tell me about it.  My heart sank.  I was saddened that they had gone through that experience and then the doctor called her in.  I said goodbye, told her I loved her and as I lowered my cell to my side, three bunches of spottled leaves revealed themselves to me through the snow.  Tulips!  The continuity of life, the reassurance that no matter how cold, how dark life may get, the sun WILL shine again, life will overcome.  And love?  Well, love gets us through it all.  I realized how fortunate my friend and her husband were to have had each other to go through this.  I remembered all the tears from broken hearts caused by men who were not interested in being there for her and I felt happy for her, that she has finally found the one to wander through life with.  The tulips told me, without their eye popping colors but with their sturdy leaves.  And I welcomed the message with joy, and thanked them with a smile.
On that note, inhale love, exhale fear...and viva!

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