Friday, April 17, 2009

dreams crawl over me

I am a coward

I don’t understand

what it means to dream in Arabic

and rap in a foreign land


and the life and the love and the


that powers on

through and again


that I see and I watch

through my three inch thick screen



than that you know


that keeps me in touch

but still out of reach


there’s a tongue filled with grouse

far, far away in a wooded retreat

where I can cry


into my vodka



I was marching

through a funeral parade

a gas confrontation with

spears in the air


but somehow it doesn’t make sense

like my cowardice

my lowly retreat

is what everyone’s dying and

killing for


and it’s all a mistake


everything’s fine here

where  hearts yearn to live

no battle no struggle

no anger no hunger


no matter what else

I float in my sleep

and dreams

they crawl all over me




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