Thursday, October 8, 2009

change is in the air....

It's something about the wind. And that gigantic moon in the blue, crisp sky of the morning. It's in the leaves, changing subtly and yet, dramatically. But it's mostly in the wind. A wind that forcefully whisks away the old, while ushering in a new air. Autumn is a time when I feel reluctant for change, yet the wind persists. There is no sense in denying what is coming, and often I feel physically pushed towards a resolution which has been hidden in my psyche for the better part of the year. Usually, I've done such a good job of suppressing it, that I have no idea what it may be. But the wind speaks to me. It tells me Now! Now! Now! with an incessant rattling of leaves, whipping my hair into my face, and pelting nuts at my feet. Now, is a time that I can't help but live in the moment. This moment that is all about change. Do you feel it? Mercedes Sosa - Todo Cambia

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