Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Readers: My Bad.

So things off the blog are going incredibly well for me and I'm in bliss!  I'm making all sorts of connections, and ideas and partnerships are really taking off, almost with a life of their own.  All I have to do is keep up with them and work harder than I ever have.  My nights are averaging 5-6 hours of sleep and this may be normal for many of you, but believe me:  I love my sleep.  I do.  Like as in 8-9 hours of sleep.  But I'm really liking this vitality that is flowing through me right now, even better than my cherished Zs.

Yes, I'm sleepy when I get up, but I also feel invigorated and excited to get to work.

It seems that a side-effect of sleep-deprivation combined with euphoria may be rambling off subject matter...because my point entire point for this post is this:

Things are going great off Musings, but I'm feeling on the verge of blog-neglect and I do NOT want to go there.

Last week I had an annoying glitch in my receive new Musings alerts by email.  It was delayed, it came from an old email, oh and in the process of trying to correct it, I deleted all my email subscribers.  Basically I did a great job of showing off my technological "greenness" and was left feeling like I just walked the red carpet with toilet paper dangling from my Jimmy Choos....

So.  Here's the deal (don't you just hate that expression?) in order to make it up to you, my lovely wonderful, intelligent readers (and undoubtedly much savvier techies), I am offering a free cup of coffee to any of you that had previously subscribed to my email alerts (there were four of you).

All you have to do is re-register by clicking on "receive new Musings alerts by email" tab at the top of this page, and leave me a comment in this post that you have done so.

Furthermore, since I've annoyed ALL of you with this boring post, anyone that follows the blog and subscribes to my email posts through November 30th will be entered to win a $20 giftcard for Starbucks or DunkinDonuts-your choice!! It's getting cold, and the days are getting oh so short.  'Tis definitely the season for coffee (or chai spice vanilla soy lattes).

Okay, so are we good??!

Sign up to receive email alerts of new postings and I promise to move on!

And stay tuned: More goodies coming soon!

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