Monday, April 26, 2010

Bernardo and the Virgin by Silvio Sirias: Virtual Book Tour Coming Soon!

             Bernardo and The Virgin (Northwestern University Press) 
                                         by Silvio Sirias 

From Northwestern University Press:

In 1980, with the Sandinistas newly in power, tailor and pig farmer Bernardo Martinez witnesses an extraordinary thing: an otherworldly glow about the statue of the Virgin Mary in the church where he works as sacristan. 

Soon the Holy Virgin appears. She tells Bernardo to forget his money problems and fear of ridicule and spread her message of peace and faith to his neighbors. 

Though a work of fiction, Bernardo and the Virgin is based on actual events in Bernardo Martinez's life. The visitation of the Virgin Mary at Cuapa, Nicaragua, remains one of the few such events accepted by the Roman Catholic Church in the last sixty years. Silvio Sirias' sweeping novel tells many stories: that of a humble man touched by the transcendent; that same man as a devout boy denied the priesthood because of poverty; and those in his orbit, past and present. It is also the stormy epic of Nicaragua through the long Somoza years to the Sandinista revolution. 

Sirias' beautiful language mixes English with Spanish and details of dusty village life with wondrous images of Catholic mysticism. His portrayal of the rich recent past of Central America resonates with the experiences of both the natives and the thriving communities of Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, and others putting down roots in the United States.

"The details of Bernardo's Nicaragua are wholly entertaining and enticing, with images of Catholic mysticism juxtaposed against the particulars of life in the dusty village of Cuapa. Sirias' prose is lovely." --
San Antonio Express-News


I'm truly excited to be working with author Silvio Sirias again.  This time, promoting Bernardo and the Virgin; a truly wonderful, compassionate work and a mystical story.

More details (including the Book Tour schedule) coming soon!


  1. Looking forward to it! Silvio Sirias' previous book tour (Meet Me Under the Ceiba) was lots of fun and filled with interesting discussions. I expect nothing but a rich literary/cultural exchange on this one.

  2. So happy to hear Bernardo and the Virgin is coming back into my life. Looking forward to this tour. Jacqueline Madonna


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